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Custom Weathering

Make your trains stand out in a realistic way by custom weatherizing you favorite locomotive or rolling stock.


All trains are uniquely weathered according to their year and usage desired.  They are airbrushed with grime and rust in appropriate areas then detailed with powders and acrylic paints.

cost is $75 per hour, most cars usually take an 1 hour, engines about 2..  

Adding passengers

Add passengers to your favorite passenger cars and bring them to life.  

My daughter working hard to make the cars look realistic.


Each car cost $20 and includes seated passengers.

Custom Shelves

All shelves are 3/4 pine that is table cut with groves for train wheels to fit perfectly.

With the 1/4 wood backing and stained they look excellent displaying trains..


Typical 30" high x 48" wide with 6 shelves cost $500.

or 96" wide x 24" tall for the same cost.

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